J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center

Transform our medical innovations to provide better transplant outcomes.

Each year, hundreds of patients receive a second chance at life because of organ donation and transplant at Houston Methodist—from heart, lung, kidney, pancreas, liver, islet or bone marrow, multiple organs or through implantation of medical devices. Our team manages chronic organ failure until transplant becomes the best option. Then, our transplant pioneers provide the best possible outcomes, using knowledge we’ve gained through our cutting-edge research and innovative care techniques.

Since its establishment over 50 years ago by the legendary Dr. Michael DeBakey, the J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center has become the largest and most comprehensive transplant center in the region. The center’s growth has been fueled by interdisciplinary research and clinical advancement in transplantation immunology, heart failure, assist device research and in cellular and stem cell transplantation.

Through philanthropy, we can multiply our successes and intensify our focus on developing new therapies and transplant techniques through groundbreaking insights in our rigorous research efforts and daily clinical practices.

  • Translational Research: Help to speed medical discoveries, new treatments and technological advancements in synthetic transplants from the laboratory to patients’ bedsides using creativity and ingenuity
  • Clinical and Outcomes Research: Set the stage for more successful transplant outcomes by exploring innovative ways to reduce transplant rejection, minimize life-long dependency on rejection-halting immunosuppressant drugs and improve long-term transplant health
  • Center for Transplant Innovation: Create a space where researchers and their revolutionary ideas and trailblazing concepts can interact to solve significant transplant problems for patients

Leverage Your Gift | Transplant Matching Fund

With support from the C. James and Carole Walter Looke family, we have established a transplant matching fund. The fund will be used to match priority naming opportunities in the Houston Methodist J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center in the Houston Methodist Outpatient Center dollar for dollar, up to $500,000.

For more information, please email donor@houstonmethodist.org or call 832.667.5816.


Read more about our friends and benefactors whose leadership and generosity have helped to build our legacy and take this next step forward.


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